OVERVIEW : Scale-ups focus


€ 19Bn raised in Europe (2017). In France, with €2,3Bn raised by 687 among 10000 start-ups (average 3,3M), 38% raised more than €10M, 16 more than €20M and 37 exits.


In 2017, more than 1,200 scale-up (among 5596 raised $83Bn) were born in Europe and $22Bn of new capital was invested into scale-up while in 2010 only $3,2Bn were invested.


Source : SEP Monitor, CB Insights, Afic, 


OVERVIEW : Scale-ups focus

Rich of this informations, BSCALER is aimed to startups who have already managed one or more fundraising tour (A, B series...). Their co-founders want to quickly assess their strengths and weaknesses, improve and succeed in a next quick tour (in a few weeks) with international co-investors (VCs / CVCs...) . First, they answer to a long questionnaire which gives rise to a scoring showing the axes of progress and can appeal to referenced experts. When they are ready, an automated and scored executive summary is published, a dataroom is available and they can push their file to future investors.


The investors want to source and position themselves on the best deals with quick decision making. They have access to BSCALER intelligent decision and risk assessment tool specifically set, according to their own criteria and investment theses. They choose the future Scale-ups with best teams having the best chance of success by co-investing alongside other investors from different countries.

For us, the ideal investors, founders and start-ups from everywhere, are quick decision makers, value creators, ambitious and confident visionaries.

Nothing is fixed, everything can progress: your project, your story, your success.


The driving force of all this: financing growth.

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